Last Saturday concluded the first stop of Johnny Yip’s around the world concert tour. It’s the 45th anniversary of his career as a professional singer. His songs used to feature on many television shows in Hong Kong and I used to listen to them when I was little. Now, more than 20years had passed, his music brought back memories of the past, his song has become classic and his figure has definitely become an icon in Hong Kong’s musical and entertainment industry. 

It was an incredible horner to spending the two days with Johnny during his short stay in Auckland, more so having an exclusive opportunity to photograph him. He’s very relaxed and down-to-earth. Despite his age (he’s already 70 years old) and status, he approaches his music with integrity and diligence.

We worked out the best time to have the quick portrait session would be between final rehearsal and the live concert,. I wanted to use the audience seats as leading lines and form interesting out of focus patterns so we turned the auditorium into a mini studio set. I spent a lot of time setting up my lights and did light test thoroughly to make sure I could nail the shot at one go. Of course it wasn’t that simple and plans do change often. Due to the rehearsal delay and there’s make-up session in between, the audience were about to enter, we were running out of time. Time to regroup and shift my set. We found this huge black metallic finished door which could make a wonderful backdrop. There we set up the set and we rescheduled the portrait session till last. Thankfully, all went according to plan this time and I am so thrilled to have this portrait of Johnny.

Here’s some frames I captured during the live concert. It went really well indeed. Thanks to A Bird Production’s awesome stage lighting. It added a lot to the photographs.

Some behind the scene photos taken on Johnny’s arrival day. He was being interviewed in FM906 studio and the evening practice at Auckland Music Academy (AMA).

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