It’s almost become a tradition to drag myself out of bed at 4am in the morning in order to be part of the Anzac Day dawn service. This year was no exception. 

My goal of this year was to photograph an iconic Anzac Portrait. Dashed to the Auckland domain with a camera and a Profoto B1 bare head, we were trying to find our subject. There we saw this man who seemed to be an ideal character walking past me, in his uniform with badges, holding a cigarette in this hand. So we walked up to him and asked if he’d like to be photographed. Logically he would say yes because there were hundreds of people taking photographs at the Dawn Service, making us look just normal even though my assistant was holding this big weird flash head next to me. We fired three shots using B1’s TTL mode and the flash performed marvellously so I got 3 accurately exposed portraits and ended up selecting these two as my favourites.

Below are some photos taken during the event itself and I hope you enjoy them.

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